Aura Service Program

The AURA Service Advantage

The Aura Service Advantage empowers companies to prioritize safety effortlessly. By leasing our advanced air and surface sterilization units, you can ensure a clean and secure environment for your employees and patients without the burden of ownership costs. We handle everything from installation to maintenance, offering a hassle-free, budget-friendly solution. Join our program and elevate cleanliness and safety with ease.

Consultation and Assessment

Our experts conduct an on-site assessment to determine the optimal placement of sanitizing units for maximum effectiveness.

Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians will handle the installation of your sanitizing units, ensuring they are placed strategically and calibrated for optimal performance.

Maintenance and Service

In the event of any issues, our responsive service team will promptly address and resolve them.

Peace of Mind

Focus on your core business while we handle your space's sanitization. Enjoy a clean and safe environment without equipment ownership burdens.

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Affordable Safety for Patients & Staff

"Frequently Asked Questions

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The Aura unit utilizes advanced technology to sanitize both air and surfaces by producing........

Absolutely! Our Service Agreements are flexible and can be tailored to your facility's unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Lease terms are flexible and can be customized to your preferences, ranging from short-term to long-term contracts.

Yes, professional installation is included, ensuring proper placement and setup of the units for maximum effectiveness.

Our units are designed for low maintenance and come with a regular maintenance schedule to keep them operating at peak efficiency.